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Welcome To a Different Type of Membership

A network of people  helping  people

How BlackPledge works

There are all types of Mmemberships for almost everything in this modern-day world. But what about membership for life event.

A membership of family, of community. Of humanity. Having someone there when you need them the most.

That is Blackpledge.org. They are a network of support and hope. And most of all a network of people helping people.

We come together to uplift one another. And that is something that connects all of us as one.


    The Black community has created a legacy of excellence. We are history makers, record breakers, pioneers, and innovators. We manage to do the impossible while fighting systems designed to reduce us. There is an untapped reservoir of new ideas and potential right here in our communities. Just imagine what we could do with more resources on our side. With Black Pledge’s Community Pooling, we can do more than imagine. We can do it. This initiative tool allows Black to Pledge community members to raise capital to fund new business ideas and innovative projects. In essence, we’ve created a collective space to invest in each other, refine the path for the history makers of tomorrow, and continue our legacy of excellence. Join today pitch your ideas and get funded.

Blackpledge Funded Business

    Hope knows no bounds. It can be an action as small as a reassuring smile or as big as saving a life. The constant, though, is that hope holds the power to give you a fresh start. A new perspective on life. That’s the energy the Black Pledge community brings to our Help Is Hope initiative. With Help is Hope, members can offer each other reliable help in times of need. Free of predatory lenders. Void of the effects of interest rates. Just true help that gives you hope and a new lease on life.


    Black Americans represent 13.2% of the U.S. population, but makeup 23.8% of the country’s poverty population. This hinders access to resources that promote growth within the black community, including the opportunity to secure proper legal representation. Inadequate legal representation has led to issues as critical as unjustified plea deals that hold our black mothers and fathers incarcerated. We deserve more. Our Lawyer Up initiative offers members adequate legal counsel and bail assistance for non-violent crimes to give our people a fair shot in a system that was not built with us in mind.

About BlackPledge


To be the leader in black-owned business funding. Providing a financial outlet and tools to rebuild & take back our community. We offer progressive and complete solutions for our members with comprehensive strategy and professional business services across a wide range of industries.
We are not a financial institute; Black Pledge is a membership platform. Therefore, by not being associated with a bank or financial institute, we are not obligated to follow FCC guidelines.
The funds raised, through our members are “not subject to credit checks & interest rates”. Black Pledge is more like your neighborhood “SHARK TANK” with a twist. In the next coming years, our plan is to empower, educate & most importantly rebuild with investments, better educational schools, businesses,  and housing developments by empowering our community

Our Awesome Services​


The Black Community has some of the most innovative people in the world. When it comes to great ideas and inventions there is no shortage in great minds. Our problem has always been access to capital. For many years due to systematic laws created by congress, banks are allowed to discriminate against communities of color.


If you are a black business owner, your business need to be listed on our Black Business Directory! The Black community spend 1.2 trillion dollar per year in consumer spending with study showing the “life span” of a dollar in the black community is just six (6) hours compared to 17 days in the white community


Do you find it difficult to pay your bills at times .Have you ever ask family & friends for help but they too don’t have it?Ever turn to predatory lenders i.e. Payday loan, Title loan or even pawn shops (usually until your next paycheck)? Facts: Their interest rates usually make it impossible to truly catch up.


Today in America your freedom and life can be taken away in a matter of seconds. What you say or do can have a huge impact on your life. It’s time to Lawyer up just like paying car or health insurance for when you need it! Improper representation has caused many black individuals unjustified plea deals. Lawyer up will give participating members the legal assistance you need. Our black community should not kept in a vulnerable place!


There are more than 3 million undiagnosed PTSD & Anxiety cases in the black community per year (U.S.) Black people face anxiety when we see police officers each day. Having to deal with the “fear of the unknown” is a constant mental distress on our lives. A regular traffic stop can take a dramatic turn and become life threatening. It’s a reminder our lives now lay in the hands of the oppressor which is increasingly elevating anxiety for a daily basis.


Black pledge members will never be denied for a car loan again. If you have bad credit our Auto Pledge program is designed for you. It can be challenging for many individuals to purchase a car because of bad credit & in most cases lack of financial stability. Unfortunately many dealers have use this advantage to prey on our community.


All parents want the best opportunities for their children. With 83% of the black community living paycheck to paycheck, college is not the best topic at the dinner table. Most families focus on the “Today” meaning maintain a daily stability in the home and sports is viewed as the only way out for our kids. The Tech world is widely evolving with very few blacks.


Let us show you how to build financial freedom! The average African American household usually have one stream of income. In today’s America that leaves many families having to drive Uber or any other job requiring more time away from their family. BP financial advisers will teach our members how to “work smart not hard”. They will build a financial plan with investment strategies based on your goals.


Many people have been denied for loans as little as $1k due to bad credit. Bad credit makes living in America almost impossible. Car, house, rent and some jobs will deny based on someones credit. In some states there are actually homeless families living in hotels due to bad credit though they have jobs. BP Credit Doctors will help you get your life.


Welcome to TUT (Take U There) travel. We make vacationing fun, affordable, and exciting. With most of us living paycheck to paycheck, vacation is just a dream or merely impossible. Studies show not taking vacations is linked to health problems such as heart attacks. According to CNN report if people skip vacations…there’s a chance that they may die younger than those who don’t. It’s time to give our precious lives longevity.


LIFE STYLE Life Style! What does that mean to you? When we refer to life style in the Black Community it often refer to house, friends, fashion, cars, entertainment and lets not forget social media. As we become conscience of social disadvantages in the U.S. Blackpledge is focused on promoting Health, Fitness and well being to our culture to maintain a complete healthy Life Style.


They are more African-American renters today than ever before. It is very alarming that 59.2% of black renters spend more than 65% of their income on rent. Imagine if you could build your credit with each rent payment? Whether your paying market rent or a portion through subsidy our program report your monthly rent to the 3 credit bureaus to help you on your way to financial freedom. Join Today!


Almost every black person dream to own their home. Sadly systemic racism laws passed by congress in 1935 allow banks to discriminate against communities of color. It contributes to a gap of wealth between black communities and others i.e. white, Asian, Jewish etc.. BP is committed to buying back our neighborhoods and community. Join Today!


73% NBA and NFL players are African american. However, we do not own a single team as a black owner. Between the two sports 99% of all sport agents are white & Caucasian. In other studies, there are We will be working with some of the best minds in the business, to help create and black sport agents. A percentage of every dollar earned on blackpledge will go towards funding local business in the black community.


Our plan is to create the first African american heath insurance company for the black community. As we continue to use the blackpledge platform a percentage of every dollar earn will go to making this dream into a reality.

Blackpledge Monthly Pot giveaway

As a member, you now can enroll in our monthly pot giveaway. This pool was created to give Blackpledge members an opportunity to wipe their debts pay off outstanding bills and give them a break in life. As more people are living paycheck to paycheck we designed this program with them in mind.

 How does it work?

As a member, you will have an option each month to opt-in our monthly drawing. This monthly pot giveaway is not included in your membership package. Check the Box and for just $10 a month, you are automatically enrolled in our monthly pot giveaway. Each month we will pick 3 winners and split the pot evenly.

What Does BlackPledge Do?


A pool of socially conscience individuals known as “PLEDGERS “coming together to create financial funding for small business, projects and inventions. Black pledge is a membership network therefore, funding is strictly granted to our members.Members gain asset to our pledge pool allowing them to raise money for their projects and ideas. Members will be given…

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