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A Network Of People Helping People

Like many Americans you may be a member of a gym, church, or social organization. You may subscribe to services like video streaming or shopping with prime benefits. Memberships make us feel like we belong to something greater than ourselves.  

What if you had a membership to an organization that will be there for you through life events?  That is where Blackpledge Network comes in. We are a community of support and hope. Most of all, we are a network of People Helping People who have come together to strengthen our community by supporting individuals like you.

Get To Know Blackpledge

We are not A Financial Institute - Blackpledge Network is a membership platform

We strive to be a leader in business funding for underserved communities. We are providing a platform where members within our network have a financial outlet and tools, to rebuild and take back our community. We offer progressive and complete solutions for our members with comprehensive strategies, along with professional business services across a wide range of industries.

At Blackpledge, our VISION is a community where one’s magnitude and impact is not limited due to skin color or background.

We are a network of PEOPLE helping PEOPLE achieve their financial, business, or educational goals. We are not your traditional membership platform.

Our aim is to keep our member funds circulating within the Blackpledge Community creating WEALTH, together.

Founded in 2014, we help fund innovation and businesses to empower underserved communities. We have also created a collective space to invest in each other. Blackpledge will help redefine the path for the history makers of tomorrow.

Interested In Becoming A Pledger?

Help build our community by funding new business ideas.

Featured Blackpledge Memberships

Community Pooling

The Black Community has some of the most innovative people in the world.

Help Is Hope

Members are allowed to borrow From the pool interest-free.

Lawyer Up

Don’t leave home without your Blackpledge lawyer up plan. It's the best security against being black in America

Renters Secure

Build your Credit Score with every rent payment.

1st-Time Homebuyer Program

By participating in this program for 3-5 years, families will learn skills around budgeting, managing bills, and priority spending.

Autosource Program

 We have partnered with local dealerships to get the car you need with deposit assistance for Blackpledge members.

Scholars Program

Give the gift of Education-If you have a family member, friend, or loved one who is currently in junior high

Black Mental Health

Your mental health matters. Receive the care and treatment you deserve. Coming Soon.

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