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Community Polling

The Black Community has some of the most innovative people in the world. When it comes to great ideas and inventions there is no shortage of great minds. Our problem has always been accessing capital. For many years due to systematic racism laws, banks and private lenders are allowed to discriminate against communities of color.

Why Blackpledge and why is this initiative important. For the first time members in the Black community will have a collective space to invest in each other.

● Start your membership application fee($99)
● Pitch your idea
● Submit a video
● Get approve
● Get funded

The Process

Once we receive your complete application we will submit it to our Board of Pledgers. After approval  Blackledge will assign an account manager to your account. The sole purpose of your account manager is your success and protecting the investment of our Pledgers.

Why is that important

At Blackpledge we believe that people have great ideas, but that does not qualify them as great managers.

The Role of your account manager

Your Success is Our Story!

Breakdown and allocation of funds. As partners, we have to protect you and our Pledgers. Your account manager will work with you side by side to make sure that the funds get allocated properly. See the
example below

With most crowdfunding platforms or financial institutes once funds are raised or approved individuals are giving a blank check to do whatever they want. We walk you through the process helping you every step of the way. Your account manager will help you set up your business with the following.

● Set up your LLC
● Your EIN/Tax Id
● Set up business banking
● Merchant services
● Payment portal
● Logo design
● Business social media pages
● Website for your business
● Help you secure store location
● Help you negotiate with vendors

Blackpledge will be by your side on your grand opening day.

What’s the difference between Blackpledge and other funding platforms?

Guaranteed Funding            Blackpledge(Y)             Kickstarter(N)            Startup(N)

Monetary Goal                                (N)                                 (Y)                              (Y)
Deadline                                           (N)                                 (Y)                              (Y)
The goal does not reach                (Y)                                 (N)                              (N)
Do you keep funds
Idea expose to the public              (N)                                 (Y)                               (Y)

Blackpledge First Home Project

Blackpledge first home project is a program created because understand in order to build wealth homeownership is a key ingredient. Today with so many programs offering a path to homeownership. We wanted to know why more black families are not homeowners? What we realize is that you can’t just take a group of people after Decades of racism with systems put in place for oppression is one of the reasons
why the numbers are so low. Our community has to be nurtured and thought about things like finance and credit. Doing this program families will learn skills like budgeting and money management with priority spending. The lack of those skills is the reason why the black dollar only stays in our community for six hours. Our goal is to put One thousand families in homes over the next ten years. 

All new members are subject to a 90-day probationary period before the use of any service. This protects both our members and the company. A $100 registration fee plus the first month is needed to start this new membership plan.