Take A look At Some Frequently Asked Questions About Our Memberhsips

Yes! Please refer to our Design Your Membership page. You can customize and estimate what your membership will cost. If you add on more than one service, you will receive a discounted price of $15 for the next service. Also look into our Black Diamond Membership Plan that includes all services for $99.99.

Yes you can pay for the year or several months, but you will not receive a discount.

Your information is kept completely secure and confidential. Opting-in for more info allows one of our expert Agents reach out to you specifically about the membership service plan you are interested in. They will educate you on said service, and you can ask him or her any questions you may have. Once all of your questions are complete, they will email or text you with a secure link to finish payment process. You will then receive a confirmation with proof of payment.

After 1 business day, you will receive an email with your membership info. This will show what service you signed up for along with the amount that was paid along with the date. Save this date in your calendar for your next recurring payment the following month.

You can upgrade any time, just let your agent know so they can set it up on their end to upgrade your membership level for your next payment. If you signed up on the silver plan and want to add another service, your additional services that have been added on, will also be silver. For example, if you sign up for a silver plan for our Lawyer Up service ( $29.99 plus the one time registration fee), and sign up for Renter’s Secure, you will automatically be put in the Silver Plan but instead of paying $39.99, it will only be $15.00. If down the line you want to upgrade to a Gold Plan for Lawyer up, your monthly membership fee will be upgraded to $49.99, and your Renter’s Secure service will also be upgraded to the Gold plan, but instead of $49.99 for the Gold Plan you would only pay the $15.00 for the service. 

This also works the same way when you downgrade, you would pay a lowers service fee but any additional service(s) would still receive the discounted amount of only $15.00 per service plan added on. 

Ask your Agent about the Black Diamond membership plan that includes all of our wonderful services for a low membership fee of $99.99.

Each membership service with the exception of Black Mental Health requires a 90-day probationary period. This protects both the members and our company. Please note that for our Renter’s Secure service, due to the how the credit bureaus receive reporting, rent secure payments will not be reflected on credit scores for at least 45 days.

You can ask for a Help Money allowance for the Help is Hope every quarter, up to a maximum amount of 4 times a year. This is only if your terms have been settled and your interest-free money allowance has been paid back to Blackpledge within 90 days.

Yes, please reach out to your agent or send our team an email. Our team will then make sure your agent reaches out to you to help go over your budget, and what your terms would be. He or she would then communicate with the Blackpledge Board members what your terms are, and then will get back to you with what their decision was, and if an exception was granted, or what other terms were proposed.

Please communicate with your Agent to ask about this service. Your agent will then share what vehicles are available at that time for the Autosource Program. They will then communicate with the terms are for deposit assistance along with terms for the purchase.

Yes you can. Please alert your agent to your upgrade so they can help look over your new budget and help design a new plan. They will answer any questions about your upgraded service and what it entails.

This is a GREAT idea, as there is no cap to the amount of professionals we want, who want to be a part of our mission! Our community will then be referred to your as you will be part of our Black Business Directory. For example, if you live in Texas and are a loan officer. You can sign up under our 1st-Time Homebuyer Professional service and any time we have a member local to your area, we will refer them to you to sign up for a home loan. You will have the exclusive benefit of receiving access to Blackpledge members who are already looking for your service. It is a wonderful way to receive referrals for qualified prospects, and as an added bonus you will be partnered with an incredible non-profit agency. Join our cause today and let us add you to our Black Business Directory to grow your business!

Please let your agent know, or send us a question on this FAQ page and someone working with our Board will contact you to send you information.

We encourage you to keep your membership long-term if possible. People have gym memberships, Netflix memberships, Amazon memberships, etc. and Blackpledge Network is a membership for challenges in your life. If you are on a gold plan or platinum plan and can no longer afford it, please work with your Agent and consider downgrading to a silver plan that will be more economically feasible for you. If after you speak with your Agent you still want to cancel, please let him or her know and they will give you instructions on how to cancel. This will include a written statement that he will be sharing with our team in order to cancel your membership. If in the future you change your mind and your circumstances are better, we will welcome you back with open arms and you can sign up for a membership service again. Please note the 90-probationary period will restart again.