Why choose the Peace of Mind Package as a landlord? Blackpledge Network guarantees you rent payments from your tenants, be paid on time between the 1st-5th of each month. We can also assure that you won’t be paying more when transitioning old tenants moving out, with new ones moving in! 
Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a Property Management company, pay a one-time registration fee along with a low monthly membership fee of $59.99 to Blackpledge and receive rent from your tenants guaranteed, between the 1st-5th of every month.  Not only that, but we will eliminate any post move-out headaches! We understand that even if you collect first and last month’s rent from your tenants, that may not always cover the property damage and move-out cleaning bill left behind by tenants who are leaving. What if you could pay for a membership that covers the gap between last month’s rent PLUS all of the move-out costs so it doesn’t end up coming out of your pocket? You can then focus your efforts on finding a new tenant without going into the red. 
For example, if you have a scenario where a tenant is moving out and their rent is $1500, but upon receiving cleaning and contractor estimates the total bill will be $2,500, you will be out $1,000. WE would cover the $1,000 extra expenditure so it won’t end up costing you a dime. This is where Renters Secure comes in and acts like gap insurance. All you’d be responsible for is just your monthly membershipx and we will handle the rest!
We will then work with you and contact your tenants on your behalf, to help them sign up for Renters Secure. By doing so, they can make their payments through us and improve their credit scores, all while you receive rent on time- it’s the perfect marriage.
Join Landlord Peace of Mind’s membership service today to stop worrying about tenants paying on time, all while protecting your property and assets.