We live with the harsh reality that most of us can’t afford to call someone when they ride up, and we know they’ll make something up, forcing us to play defense.

The anxiety rushing through your veins makes you dizzy at first, leaving you breathing deeply, pushing adrenaline throughout your body.  But the feeling is unsettled and vulnerable – agonizing at best; because most of us don’t have the resources to have our paperwork in order in case we don’t come home.

And some of us won’t.

Lawyer Up, from Blackpledge, is the best security for being Black and Brown in America. Why?

Because you deserve to come home each night.

Because your family deserves your energy.

Because you deserve to meet your grandchildren.

No hourly fees for the expensive attorney. After a one-time registration, along with a monthly membership fee, you’ll have our expansive team of 37 attorneys, and legal teams, to help with any legal issue – from Family Law to Immigration, and everything in between.

Whether you need a legal team for yourself and your family, have a small business, or are even starting a business, our membership plans will provide the support you are seeking.

We are available to provide legal advice, assist with your unemployment claim, represent you in court, negotiate contracts, review legal documents, which can also be drafted on your behalf.

Sign up for your Lawyer Up membership today and start playing offense instead of defense. Give your family the legal protection they deserve.

Types of Lawyer Up Service:

Estate Planning
Trial Defense
Gun Owners
Consumer Finance
Family Law
Commercial Drivers
Traffic & Accidents
Child Custody
Arbitration Adoption
Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements
Includes: Civil Litigation
Debt Collection
Contracts & Agreements
Employment Law
Business Licenses
Immigration Law
Consumer Goods Sales
Contract Drafting/Negotiations
Intellectual Property
Business Formation
Set up your LLC or Form your Business Structure (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S Corp
C Corp
General Partnership (Nonprofit)
Set up EIN/Tax ID
Vendor Negotiations
Business Licenses
Special Permits
Sales Tax Licenses

View Our Plans

Silver Plan

  • 25% off Retainer
  • Up to $500 for Bail or Bonds
  • One time $49.99 Registration Fee

Gold Plan

  • 50% off Retainer
  • Up to $1500 for Bail or Bonds
  • One time $59.99 Registration Fee

Platinum Plan

  • 75% off Retainer
  • Up to $5,000 for Bail or Bonds
  • One time $69.99 Registration Fee

***All new members are subject to a 90-day probationary period before the use of any service. This protects both our members and the company. A registration fee plus the first month of any plan is required to start a new membership.***