Black Pledge 1st- Time Homebuyer Program

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Why aren’t more black families homebuyers? With so many programs available, it’s obvious they don’t work for our own people. You cannot take someone that has systems created to break them and just say, “Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to buy a home.” Sometimes one may have good credit, but unfortunately even them, some won’t have the down payment towards a home purchase. The black community needs to be nurtured and educated about subjects such as finance and credit. We designed our first-time homebuyer program with this in mind. By participating in this program for 3-5 years, families will learn skills around budgeting, managing bills, and priority spending. Keep in mind our money only stays within our black community for 6 hours, this program is a key element that will help change that. Blackpledge will match what you put towards your first time home purchase.

Depending on if you get paid weekly or bi-weekly, a certain amount of your check will go into a savings account towards your purchase that Blackpledge handles, solely. Please keep in mind if you stop these payments at any time, you will have to start all over again and will not have access to past monies that were put aside for you so you will want to keep up with payments routinely. The point of the program is to teach you financial discipline. What is amazing is that after you pay consistently over your 3-5 year term, Blackpledge will match your membership 100% which will cover your closing costs, along with your down payment. Our professional advisors will work with an individual or family. In the interim, we will also help you fix your credit score and remove unwanted items off your credit report.


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