Have you ever asked yourself where you were when companies like Google, Uber & Amazon got started? And if you knew you would’ve invested. Imagine what your life would be like today? Even if you had the finances…where would you go to invest? Who would you contact? Most of these companies are private before going public therefore access to inside information is scarce. If you’re like most of us, you probably were right here reading about Blackpledge Network as you are now just like many when we heard about Bitcoin.

One of the biggest problems facing the black community is that we are not educated enough on investment. Studies have shown it is one of the leading reasons for the wealth gap in Black vs White as an investment portfolio. Most of us think we need thousands of dollars in order to invest. This notion is not true at all! In fact, if you had purchased $100 worth of Bitcoin when they first started you would be a millionaire today.

Blackpledge is changing the narrative. We are changing the way our Black community sees and understands the investment. Blackpledge will provide total transparency for investment opportunities. Pick what investment pool that you are comfortable with. Help us buy back our community from gentrification. Just imagine the sense of self-worth you will have walking in your neighborhood and knowing that you are part of a Blackpledge funded business.

They are three types of pledgers.

Join our board of pledgers and help us build our community​ membership platform

Elida Pledger Pool

This individual will invest a minimum of $500-$5,000 for Blackpledge business ideas and projects in the black community. 

Elite Pledger Pool

This individual will invest a minimum of $5,001-$10,000 for local business ideas and projects in the black community. 

Executive Pledger Pool
This pool is a full partnership between Blackpledge and the business owner’s minimum investment is $10,001+ (no max limit). Qualify to become a Blackpledge Board Member.