In today’s Eurocentric society, the Black and Brown Community face structural challenges accessing the proper Mental Health care and treatment required for long-lasting generational Mental Health. We aren’t assessed and treated the same as our White counterparts, creating a niche need requiring to be filled – the need to be heard and supported by Black and Brown Mental Health Practitioners. 

According to the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, Black and Brown adults in the U.S. are more likely to report persistent symptoms of emotional distress, such as sadness, and hopelessness, than their White counterparts. Black and Brown adults living below the poverty line are more than twice as likely to report serious psychological distress than those with more financial security.

Despite the dire need for help, only one in three Black and Brown adults who need Mental Health care, receive it. We are also less also less likely to receive guideline-consistent care, along with less inclusion in Clinical research, which could lead to better treatment options, and we are more likely to use Emergency Rooms or Primary Care Physicians (rather than Mental Health Specialists). 

Common systemically racial barriers to Mental Health care are:

  1. The manner in which the DSM is written 
  2. Who it’s written by
  3. Who it’s written for
  4. Provider bias in diagnosing patients
  5. Income 
  6.  Credit
  7.  Distrust in the Health Care and Mental Health Care systems tied to genocidal experiments 
  8.  Providers providing intellectual support, not the depth of experience 
  9. Lack of Cultural support 
  10. Lack of insurance/underinsured

Blackpledge’s goal is to help the Black and Brown Community receive the mental health treatment and the care we deserve. This service allows a member to speak with a licensed Mental Health Professional with discretion and ease through video chat, to receive the emotional support needed in order to help cope with stress and anxiety. Finally through our network of Black, Brown and Allied Professionals, our Community will have an outlet to start healing generational trauma.

Plans Coming Soon!

Silver Plan

  • 2 monthly video sessions
  • One time $49.99 Registration Fee

Gold Plan

  • 3 monthly video sessions
  • One time $49.99 Registration Fee

Platinum Plan

  • 4 monthly video sessions
  • One time $49.99 Registration Fee