Why Blackpledge?

Why Blackpledge?

You should have come home.

Instead, your children, siblings, parents, and friends won’t get to see you grow into the person you could have been. Your murder will become a hashtag and your loved ones will be left with the pain of being deprived of your presence. 
Your love.Your protection.Your wisdom.Your light. 

Age doesn’t matter either. With Black and Brown Children going missing at higher rates, and our Children slaughtered on almost a daily basis, it makes one thing clear: that growing up with Melanin in the United States is a game of chess against an opponent who openly humiliates you for conditions they created, while punishing you for outwitting their slave generating traps. 

Conditions only they benefit from. 
At your expense. 
At your family’s expense. 
At your reputation’s expense. 

To have you toil the soil, water the seed, grow the tree, pick the fruit while they steal the profits? So work for free, or as close to it as possible, keeping you living paycheck to paycheck and working hour after hour, while they take weekend snowboarding trips. But remember that you somehow, have to be grateful for the indentured servitude impuned on the amount of time you have spend away from your family. 

For their benefit. 

You should have had the same chance of coming home from work, from jogging, from shopping, from bird-watching, from yard-playing, from being an oxygen breathing individual considered a full Citizen, not the 3/5ths they keep reminding you about… if you’re THAT lucky. 

Instead, the chances are 1 in 2 that you will have an encounter with a Slave Catcher under the guise of a minor infraction – a strange occurrence leading a lot of us to only purchase race appropriate vehicles, to avoid being pulled over for driving over our color. 

You don’t have the same rights they have – according to them. 

And how can you? When they can murder with impunity, in broad daylight, along with witnesses filming, in hopes of someone stepping in to say, your life matters, too. 

That you, too, deserve the protections they enjoy. That you, too, deserve the wealth they create and pass down. That you, too, deserve the status they use to separate us, along with the professionalism and professionals in each according field…

But, not according to them.“